The Western Hemisphere has experienced tremendous challenges in the past decade –mass protests, the ascendancy of populist right-wing governments, political crises, and millions of refugeesfleeing violence. Amongst the upheaval, the United States, has slowly receded from its global leadership on human rights, not only by withdrawing from international institutions such as the UN Human Rights Council but also by adopting policies that appearto contradict international law.

Governments in Cuba and Venezuela continue to restrict dissent and keep a tight lid on independent media. Indigenous, environmental, and women’s rights activists face increasing danger in El Salvador, Honduras, and Mexicoas governments turn a blind eye towards extrajudicial killings.

Freedom Now has advocated for the release of two prisoners of conscience in the region, one of whom was released and another whom died in prison. Our work in the region focuses on the freedom of association and assembly.

Fighting Wrongful Imprisonment

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Can you imagine a doctor being imprisoned just for treating a patient, or a journalist detained simply for publishing an article critical of his government?