About Freedom Now

Freedom Now is an international non-governmental organization that protects individuals and communities from government repression and defends human rights through direct legal support, targeted high-leverage advocacy, documentation and analysis of human rights abuses, and support for capacity-building. Since its founding more than 20 years ago, Freedom Now has systematically sought to end the practice of arbitrary detention by providing pro bono legal representation to hundreds of prisoners of conscience and victims of human rights violations throughout the world. Alongside this casework, we engage in campaigns and initiatives to combat oppressive laws and corrupt institutions that threaten civil society and democratic norms. For more information about our work, please visit our website at www.freedom-now.org.

In 2021, Freedom Now became engaged in the situation in Afghanistan, putting its resources and expertise to use to aid individuals in need of evacuation and resettlement. As the evacuation ended, Freedom Now shifted its focus to address how the Taliban takeover dramatically impacted the freedom of the people living there. Our Afghanistan program focuses on defending vulnerable and marginalized communities as well as supporting local civil society.

Position Details

Freedom Now is seeking a Local Coordinator based in Afghanistan. The position will work closely with Freedom Now’s Afghanistan Program Officers and will play a key role in coordinating and providing logistical and organizational support to Freedom Now’s grassroots partners inside the country.

The ideal candidate will be comfortable working as a consultant outside of an office environment while maintaining very frequent contact with US-based staff and in-country activists and organizations. The position is offered at a salary of $500/month. This is a contract position with a duration of one year and recruitment is contingent upon funding availability. An extension may be possible based on available funding and project needs after the completion of the original term.

Position Responsibilities

  • Manage the disbursement and reporting of small grants to Freedom Now’s local partners.
  • Assist in coordinating both in-person and online events for Freedom Now’s local partners.
  • Facilitate the organization of both in-person and virtual coordination meetings for Freedom Now’s local partners.
  • Provide logistical and planning support for training and capacity-building programs aimed at strengthening Freedom Now’s local partners.
  • Provide overall logistical support to Freedom Now’s local partners in implementing their annual workplans.
  • Any other tasks aligned with the project as assigned by Freedom Now

Required Skills and Experience

Education Level: High School Graduate
Software Proficiency: Word, Excel, Google Docs, Zoom, Signal, WhatsApp
Language Skills:  Fluent in Farsi and Pashto (writing and speaking)/ English writing and speaking ability preferred
Basic Financial Skills: Handling petty cash, small grants, expense reports, and basic financial transactions.
Scheduling: Managing meetings, and calendars for individuals or teams.
Record Keeping: Maintaining and updating records, filing documents, and data management.
Confidentiality and Safety: Maintaining the privacy and security of sensitive information.
Adaptability: Being able to handle unexpected changes or challenges in hostile environments.

Interested applicants are encouraged to submit their applications (CV + letter of interest) to:  [email protected]