• Germain RukukiBurundi

    Germain Rukuki is a human rights defender arrested in July 2017 and serving a 32 year prison sentence for his work to abolish torture in Burundi.

  • Chief Ebrima MannehThe Gambia

    Chief Ebrima Manneh was a senior reporter for the Banjul, Gambia-based Daily Observer. He was arrested by the Gambian National Intelligence Agency on July 7, 2006, and has since been held incommunicado.

  • Mohamed al-BambaryMorocco

    Mohamed al-Bambary is a Sahrawi media activist currently serving 6 years in prison as a result of his journalism.

  • Tom Byabagamba and Frank RusagaraRwanda

    Tom Byabagamba and Frank Rusagara are former Rwandan military officers. They are currently imprisoned for criticizing the Rwandan government.

  • Loujain AlhathloulSaudi Arabia

    Loujain Alhathloul is a prominent women’s rights activist currently imprisoned by Saudi Arabia. She faces numerous charges related to her activism and remains in pre-trial detention.

  • Mahmadali HayitTajikistan

    Mahmadali Hayit is the deputy chairman of the opposition Islamic Renaissance Party of Tajikistan. He is currently serving a life sentence on fabricated charges of conspiring to overthrow the Tajik government.

  • IRPT LeadersTajikistan

    A dozen senior opposition leaders are serving sentences of 14 years to life in prison for their association with a banned political party.

  • Zayd SaidovTajikistan

    Zayd Saidov is a well-known businessman and former Tajikistan government official. He was arrested in May 2013 and is currently serving a 29 year sentence on charges designed to disrupt his creation of an opposition party.

  • Buzurgmehr YorovTajikistan

    Buzurgmehr Yorov is a prominent human rights lawyer who was arrested in September 2015 and is serving 28 years in prison for his representation of opposition leaders.

  • Gulgeldy AnnaniyazovTurkmenistan

    Gulgeldy Annaniyazov is a political dissident and human rights activist who has been detained in Turkmenistan since 2008, when he returned to the country after six years in Norway as a political refugee

  • Aramais AvakyanUzbekistan

    Aramais Avakyan is a fisherman and practicing Christian wrongly detained since September 2015. He is serving a seven year sentence on fabricated charges related to membership in an Islamic extremist organization.

  • Cases in Vietnam

    Vietnam has consistently targeted journalists, bloggers, and religious minorities, including the five cases profiled here.