• Abdulhadi Alkhawaja Pitcure

    Abdulhadi al-KhawajaBahrain

    Mr. Abdulhadi al-Khawaja, 54, is a prominent human rights defender convicted and sentenced to life in prison on June 22, 2011 for financing and participating in terrorism to overthrow the government, as well as spying for a foreign country […]

  • lewis-medjo

    Lewis MedjoCameroon

    Lewis Medjo is a Cameroonian journalist currently serving a two year sentence for defamation. He served as managing editor of the weekly newspaper La Détente Libre until his detention. Mr. Medjo is known for his reporting on human rights and […]

  • freedom-now.normal

    Cases in ChinaPeople's Republic of China

    2010 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Liu Xiaobo, 60, is a Chinese scholar and renowned dissident who was sentenced to 11 years in prison for “inciting subversion of state power” on December 25, 2009, for his role in drafting Charter 08 […]

  • Andualem Aragie

    Andualem Aragie, et al.Ethiopia

    Andualem Aragie Walle, 43, is a prominent opposition politician currently serving a life sentence in Ethiopia for terrorism charges. Prior to his arrest, Mr. Aragie served as the Vice President and Press Secretary for Unity for Democracy and Justice (UDJ), […]

  • Eskinder Nega

    Eskinder NegaEthiopia

    Eskinder Nega, 46, is a prominent Ethiopian journalist who was convicted and sentenced to 18 years in prison on treason and terrorism charges. Prior his current detention, Mr. Nega was a widely published independent journalist and a well-known critic of […]

  • Ebrima Manneh(1)

    Chief Ebrima MannehThe Gambia

    Chief Ebrima Manneh, 37, was a senior reporter for the Banjul, Gambia-based Daily Observer. He was arrested by the Gambian National Intelligence Agency on July 7, 2006, and has since been held incommunicado. The Gambian government refuses to divulge the […]

  • Baqer-and-Siamak-Namazi

    Baquer and Siamak NamaziIran

    Baquer and Siamak Namazi are a father and son currently imprisoned in Iran on the charges of “collusion with an enemy state.”

  • Abdolfattah Soltani

    Abdolfattah SoltaniIran

    Abdolfattah Soltani, 62, is an imprisoned Iranian human rights lawyer and a founding member of the Centre for Human Rights Defenders (CHRD). The CHRD, which was founded in 2002 by leading human rights advocates in Iran, including Nobel Peace Prize […]

  • ira-mauritaine-221x162


    Three members of the anti-slavery organization IRA-Mauritania are serving sentences up to 15 years for participating in a peaceful protest.

  • Mkhaitir

    Mohammed Shaikh Ould Mohammed Ould MkhaitirMauritania

    Mohammed Shaikh Ould Mohammed Ould Mkhaitir, 29, is a blogger currently facing a death sentence on charges of apostasy.

  • images (6)

    Tom Byabagamba and Frank RusagaraRwanda

    Frank Rusagara and Tom Byabagamba are Rwandan military officers. They are currently imprisoned for criticizing the Rwandan government.

  • Hayit

    Mahmadali HayitTajikistan

    Mahmadali Hayit is the deputy chairman of the opposition Islamic Renaissance Party of Tajikistan. He is currently serving a life sentence on fabricated charges of conspiring to overthrow the Tajik government.

  • shukhrat_kudratov

    Shukhrat KudratovTajikistan

    Shukhrat Kudratov is a prominent Tajik human rights lawyer currently serving a three year and eight month prison sentence for alleged bribery and fraud, charges which likely result from his human rights work.

  • Saidov - Tajikistan

    Zayd SaidovTajikistan

    Zayd Saidov, 58, is a well-known businessman and former Tajikistan government official. He was arrested in May 2013 and is currently serving a 29 year sentence on charges designed to disrupt his creation of an opposition party.

  • Gulgeldy Annaniyazov

    Gulgeldy AnnaniyazovTurkmenistan

    Gulgeldy Annaniyazov, 55, is a political dissident and human rights activist who has been detained in Turkmenistan since 2008, when he returned to the country after six years in Norway as a political refugee […]

  • freedom-now.normal

    Cases in UzbekistanUzbekistan

    Since 2005, the authorities in Uzbekistan have imprisoned hundreds of journalists, political opposition leaders, grassroots activists, human rights defenders, and lawyers. Contained are six illustrative cases.

  • NguyenHoangQuocHung

    Nguyen Hoang Quoc HungVietnam

    Nguyen Hoang Quoc Hung is a labor activists detained in Vietnam since February 2010 for organizing workers. He is serving a nine year prison sentence.

  • father-thadeus

    Father Thadeus Nguyen Van LyVietnam

    Father Ly, 69, is a Vietnamese Roman Catholic priest and activist who was rearrested by the Vietnamese government on July 25, 2011, ending one-year and four-months of temporary medical parole […]

  • Banbari smaller

    Mohamed al-BambaryWestern Sahara

    Mohamed al-Bambary, 46, is a Sahrawi journalist and human rights defender currently serving 6 years in prison as a result of his journalism.