Our Mission

Freedom Now is a U.S.-based non-profit, non-governmental, and non-partisan organization that works to free individual prisoners of conscience through focused legal, political and public relations advocacy efforts.

Prisoners of conscience are persons detained for their political, religious, or other beliefs or because of their ethnic origin, sex, sexual orientation, color, language, national or social origin, economic status, birth or other status—who have not used or advocated violence.

How We Work

Freedom Now represents individual prisoners of conscience as pro bono clients. We strategically sequence legal, political and public relations advocacy to free prisoners of conscience from illegal detention. Our legal advocacy on behalf of our clients includes representing them before international forums, such as regional commissions and bodies of the UN. We use political advocacy to mobilize support for our clients from country and regional government bodies. We also rally attention to our clients’ plights through public relations advocacy, which ranges from hosting vigils to publishing op-eds in newspapers worldwide. We work with the family members of our clients and their domestic lawyers and collaborate with other organizations to amplify our impact and secure the release of our clients as quickly as possible. Each individual freed represents a life saved and a voice restored. Watch the video below to hear Executive Director Maran Turner talk more about our efforts.


Sources of Support

Freedom Now’s work to free prisoners of conscience is supported through generous individual contributions and foundation grants. Some of these foundations have included:







Freedom Now receives tremendous pro bono support from law firms,* some of which have included:






*Law firm support for Freedom Now is limited to the case(s) which have cleared its legal and business conflicts process and does not imply or actually mean support for other cases or the general operations of the organization.



Freedom Now is able to assist prisoners of conscience around the world with the support of pro bono translation services. Organizations which provide these services include:







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